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Here are questions asked frequently by vitiligo disease patients, and doctors have answered. If you have other questions, please consult the online doctor.

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Does Vitiligo Patients Can Intake Vitamin C

Question: I have vitiligo for a very long time, the vitiligo mainly on the my back, I already treated for a long time but didnt get very good treatment effects, so Im now use the medicines to treat my vitiligo, some medicines contains vitam...[ Read More ]

What Patients With Vitiligo on Feet Need to Pay Attention to When They Take a Bath

Question: I have vitiligo on his feet not a very long time, but feels it expand very fast, I heard other people said the skin on the vitiligo is easier get damaged, so Id like to ask experts what I should pay attention to when I take a bath...[ Read More ]

Does Improper Diet Have An Impact On Vitiligo

As we all known that vitiligo is a long-term skin diseases, it is not only difficult to treat, and its very easy to relapse, so the treatment of vitiligo is very important. But during the treatment also do not ignore the importance of care,...[ Read More ]

How To Communicate With Doctor About Your Psoriasis

Most of us psoriasis patients have the experiences to consult doctor about our skin problem and ask for more advice. There are some tips for your coming to hospital. To get a accurate and comprehensive diagnosis, we should know what we shou...[ Read More ]

How Does Vitiligo Patients Take A Proper Bath

There is a fact that for patients with skin diseases,there is a note for daily bath, the white patches disease is no exception. Vitiligo is a skin disease, and how to take a bath, patients need to pay attention to it, so how to properly tak...[ Read More ]

Is Psoriasis A Fatal Disease

As a common skin disorder, the symptoms show on skin and with dry and itching skin with silvery scales. But it wont cause fatal influences on internal organs. But the improper treatments and hormone medicine will show some side effects on y...[ Read More ]

How To Identify The Lesion Color Of Vitiligo

As we all known that there are a variety of symptoms of vitiligo, and the progression of the disease is very quickly, the diagnosis of vitiligo is to according to the specific symptoms of patients were to be accurate, so as to let vitiligo...[ Read More ]

Can Vitiligo Be exposure Under Sunshine

After suffering from vitiligo, in addition to timely treatment, of course, nursing work is necessary, and in addition to the diet should pay attention to, life in vitiligo many aspects need to pay attention, then for vitiligo, vitiligo can...[ Read More ]

Can Psoriasis Have A Healthy Baby

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disorder which show rashes, plaques on skin covered with silvery scales. And the patients can show any parts of their body of skin lesions even joints pain. And the patients with different age and gender. Whats m...[ Read More ]

How Long Does Vitiligo Become Effective After Treatment

As we all known that vitiligo is a result of lack of melanin, white patches appears, the formation of depigmentation. The causes of vitiligo are complex and varied, such as mental stress, psychological stress, environmental pollution, genet...[ Read More ]

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  • Jin zuyu - Psoriasis Doctor

    Liu yuntao - Vitiligo Doctor

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    More than 30 years, he devoted himself to clinical research on vitiligo with TCM, and put forward his safe treatment basis to the treatment of three...

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  • Li Dengfang - Vitiligo Doctor

    Li congyou - Vitiligo Doctor

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    Graduated from Clinical Medicine of Chengde Medical College, she ever further studied in Peking Union Medical...

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  • Wang yong - Vitiligo Doctor

    Zheng Huaguo - Vitiligo Doctor

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    He has been specialized in research of skin disease and pigment disorders for more than 30 years...

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