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Is It True That Genetics May Play A Important Role In Vitiligo?

Vitiligo,FAQs VitiligoThe doctor believe that there is a genetic base to vitiligo which leads to susceptibility. In about 12% of families where a person has vitiligo, the condition is seen in another family member. Though no one else in your family may show signs of vitiligo, it is still possible that it is passed on genetically. The most likely reason for this is that more than one gene is responsible for the development of vitiligo. In fact, a combination of genes that may prove to be involved. In some cases, an independent stimulus factors may cause the condition to onset.

Genes are inherited in a random fashion from both parents, so only sometimes will the genes which make a person susceptible to vitiligo come together in the same person. Those who do not inherit a complete set of the abnormal genes are unlikely to develop the disorder. Those people who do inherit a complete set may also need some other factors to trigger the vitiligo patches to appear. In this way vitiligo genes can pass through several generations of a family without anyone actually developing vitiligo.

Recently, doctors are studying the genetic aspects of vitiligo by using gene-sequencing computers and the mapping of the human genome to determine how genetic therapy and technology might help treat or arrest vitiligo.


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