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How Does Vitiligo Patients Take A Proper Bath

How Does Vitiligo Patients Take A Proper BathThere is a fact that for patients with skin diseases,there is a note for daily bath, the white patches disease is no exception. Vitiligo is a skin disease, and how to take a bath, patients need to pay attention to it, so how to properly take a bath for leukoplakia patients ?

1, patients should be based on hot water, summer is the same, while the water temperature should not be too high, the general situation of patients feel the temperature of the water temperature, or a little hot can be, so the water temperature is about 40 degrees.

Bathing in patients with vitiligo is the most important function is to promote blood circulation, which is conducive to the smooth delivery of nutrients to the skin, to accelerate the regression of white spots. If you take a bath with cold water, it will make the blood vessel contraction, is not conducive to the blood circulation, but also with hot water bath to achieve ease of fatigue, relax the role of body and mind.

2, the number of bath should be reasonable. In the lower temperature season, the normal person to take a bath 2 to 1 times a week can be. Patients with vitiligo conditions should take a bath every day.

3, the duration of each bath, according to the patient's choice of water temperature and high level of personal tolerance and different, generally 50 to 20 minutes is appropriate. If the water temperature is low, the patient's tolerance is larger, bath time can be longer, and the water temperature is high, the patient's tolerance is poor, then it should be shorter. In short, the extent of the bath should not stimulate the skin lesions in patients with no sense of fatigue, discomfort for the degree.

4, bath to bath should be. In the process of taking a bath, not excessive scratching skin, do not use towels and other hard rub. Experience has shown, who because excessive scratch catch or rub, the lesions subjected to stimulate those often affect the lesions subsided, if excessive force resulting in injury, may also lead to the same type reaction.

5, leukoplakia patients should pay attention to keep warm after a bath, especially in winter, to avoid the occurrence of a cold. A lot of people in the winter after the bath did not do a good job warm work, or in the hair is wet, but also to the outdoor blowing the cold wind. As a result, the cold. A common cold for patients with vitiligo, may become the cause of exacerbations.


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