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How To Identify The Lesion Color Of Vitiligo

How To Identify The Lesion Color Of VitiligoAs we all known that there are a variety of symptoms of vitiligo, and the progression of the disease is very quickly, the diagnosis of vitiligo is to according to the specific symptoms of patients were to be accurate, so as to let vitiligo condition judgment accurate, do not let the patients treated with errors. Vitiligo condition of the judgment can be based on the patient's symptoms, to judge the condition of vitiligo development to what stage. Then, according to the skin color to determine the vitiligo disease? below vitiligo hospital experts will answer for us:

1, pale white skin is the skin leukoplakia injury is the most light, the patches color is normal skin pale, the stage of patients with vitiligo vitiligo melanocytes function damaged one or two into, this time only topical medicine can activation the full functionality of the melanoma cells. Therefore, patients must pay close attention to this stage of treatment, early treatment of vitiligo is the best time for the treatment of patients.

2, milky white skin lesions are more severe skin lesions, we can observe this phase of the white patches color milk, which is an important basis for the judgment of vitiligo disease. This function of melanocytes in patients with vitiligo lesions of the white spot damage two to three percent, at this time in the treatment of patients with vitiligo to to use the external medicin complexes oral medicine, the majority of vitiligo patients by this therapy can appear melanin island and cure.

3, cloud white skin is white patches of the skin damage is severe, the progression of the disease to this stage, skin lesions of patients with vitiligo white patches color like clouds like. At this time of leukoplakia lesions at the melanoma cell function damaged seven to 80%. Vitiligo patients should pay close attention to treatment, if not timely treatment, vitiligo will develop into a genaralized hair vitiligo, patients will be more difficult to treat.

4, porcelain white lesions of skin white spot damage is the most severe, this stage in patients with vitiligo lesional skin white patches color is like white tiles as, function of melanocytes in lesional skin of patients with skin damaged 80 to 90%, and the stage of vitiligo is very difficult to treat.

Through the above content, we can understand that, the judgment of vitiligo disease can through the observation of the skin lesions of patients with color, believe that experts can help vitiligo patients to observe their own skin color and understanding of the condition changes. Experts said that the symptoms of vitiligo is more obvious, that sicker patients and the treatment more difficult, so patients must pay attention to observe their symptom, timely find their prevalence for treatment as soon as possible, in a short period of time let the condition to control.


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