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How Long Does Vitiligo Become Effective After Treatment

How Long Does Vitiligo Become Effective After TreatmentAs we all known that vitiligo is a result of lack of melanin, white patches appears, the formation of depigmentation. The causes of vitiligo are complex and varied, such as mental stress, psychological stress, environmental pollution, genetic and so on. Vitiligo disease hair is not easy to detect, no age limit, was born a few months big baby to seven people, vitiligo skin partial white, spreading, smooth surface, no fixed location, multiple at exposed locations.

At present, in the treatment of vitiligo, most hospitals are using traditional Chinese and Western medicine method. Chinese medicine stress from the inside out, the use of internal and external use of the method, and the treatment of. In western medicine, the use of melanoma cells regeneration, through the drug coated or other therapy, to activate the tyrosinase, restore the natural growth of melanoma cells, so as to achieve the purpose of treatment. A combination of Chinese and Western medicine to treatment, each in his element complementary is the best way to be optimistic about the medical field at present.

However, when suffering from vitiligo, it is located in the basal layer of melanin cells damaged or produce melanin function is inhibited. In order to restore the damaged melanocytes, or to remove the inhibition, recovery function also need a period of time. This period of time is much longer than that of normal epidermal cells. From around the world and throughout the country reported the results of the treatment of vitiligo time to see, generally also need 612 weeks. Therefore, when the patient asked about how long it takes to determine whether the effect of a drug, physicians always answer at least 3 months of continuous medication. According to our clinical practice and in the factors influencing drug efficacy, the type of leukoplakia is a more important factor, the limitations of white patches generally the treatment for 2 months, segmental, acral and pan hair vitiligo to treatment 3 months to determine whether the drug efficacy. Therefore, patients should be patient with physician treatment.

A small number of patients with drug treatment for about 1 weeks, there is an effect. The reason for such rapid effect is also various. Which factors of mild or inhibition of melanoma cell function of melanoma cell damage was quickly released is the main reason.


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