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Why Vitiligo Is Hard To Cure

Why Vitiligo Is Hard To CureAs we all known that vitiligo is a skin disease, it will not bring any pain to the patient, only will affect the patient's mood, the doctor's difficult skin diseases. But after a family medical history unremitting exploration and research, for this disease have a certain understanding, and the genetic, melanin cells to self destruct, neurochemistry, autoimmune and other physiological, biochemical, immunological and other studies, has accumulated a large number of data, treatment methods and means are being carried out, I believe in shortly after the vitiligo will be very good cure.

We all know a truth, not the cause of the disease is not treated, most difficult to treat. But the refractory disease is not an incurable disease, a long time in medical practice, gradually accumulated a lot of therapy in the treatment of vitiligo. These therapies have been widely used in clinical and accepted by patients. We inform the majority of patients: to refrain from disease styled and credulous ad contained deceptive nonsense, so as not to be some lawless elements of deception, it should be to the regular vitiligo hospital for treatment.

1, traditional therapy can not tackling the problem: traditional therapy failed to grasp the solution to the source of melanin and apoptosis of the substantive issues, simply from the surface of the can be said that water without a source, not from the source to solve the problem, can not be completely in the treatment of vitiligo.

2, the potency of generic drugs is weak: due to the backward limit of pharmaceutical technology, drug molecules can not effectively through the body's blood brain barrier arrived the brain, pituitary and central nervous system, so that you can not effectively regulate the pituitary secretion of melanin, which is not easy to vitiligo treatment.

3, some treatment methods are not scientific: these therapies have not been strictly scientific inspection and classification, the treatment of vitiligo there is a lot of blindness. Treatment for topical drug, or at the local clinic of hormone drugs, and some are even recipe, earth, until the white spot area of diffusion, sicker later with large doses of Western medicine as soon as possible in order to cure, and the results are often counterproductive.

4, fall by the wayside: many patients after effective treatment, the end of treatment. Do not follow doctor's orders to consolidate the treatment, leading to disease recurrence. So the cycle of vicious circle, not only affect the patient's condition, but also caused economic pressure and mental stress.

Although vitiligo treatment is very difficult, the treatment time is still very long, so that some patients insist on not down. General lesion area is small, short duration to. If the treatment is stopped, there is a possibility of recurrence. In the prevention aspects should avoid contact with phenols and any damage to the melanocytes of the chemical substances. In the treatment of vitiligo should pay attention to the body do not appear to have scratches, pay attention to the usual eating habits.


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