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How To Prevent Psoriasis Recurrence Naturally

How To Prevent Psoriasis Recurrence Naturally,PsoriasisPsoriasis is easy to occur again and again with repeated episode feature and heredity feature. And every time the psoriasis occur again the skin lesions will be more severe than the last time. So the daily prevention is necessary to get rid of the recurrence.

Although psoriasis is a common skin disease, but once you get psoriasis, there are many influences on your daily life.


From diets aspect, the too spicy, oil and sweet foods can stimulate your skin. Fish and shrimp are not good for the allergic skin patients. Coffee and tea are common in our daily life, but once you get psoriasis that can worsen your skin. But you can intake more foods rich of vitamins, protein and water to make sure the enough nutrition.


The psoriasis patients should do enough sports to increase the immune system. To sweat is good for you and the sports can distract your too much attention on psoriasis. We should have a positive mind in daily life and the regular life style are good for you. The psoriasis is a skin disease with low immune system. So we can do sports to increase the immune system by the way.

Immune system

The psoriasis with a low immune system, so they are easy to get flu. The flu, infection and injury all can worsen psoriasis. So we should protect ourselves from the outside irritation. And the clothing should choose the cotton type which is soft.

Male tips

Smoking and alcohol can let you relax, but after you drink one week alcohol heavily, the skin lesion of psoriasis will get worse obviously. Smoking and stay up too late with great pressure will stimulate your skin.

Female tips

The female tips mainly from the makeup aspect,and most makeup contain chemical materials, we should choose the mild type to avoid stimulation. The psoriasis with heredity feature, especially psoriatic arthritis. During pregnancy, the medication should pay enough attention. And some medicines are not suit for pregnant ladies. The pregnancy, some mother’s skin lesions can get improved greatly, but after the birth of baby, the skin lesions come back again.

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