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Why Your Psoriasis Can’t Be Cured For Long Time

Why Your Psoriasis Can’t Be Cured For Long Time,PsoriasisAs we all know that psoriasis is a common skin disease and it can spread and attack any areas of your body. Then it is also known as a chronic skin disease, some patients can even suffer psoriasis for decades years.

And the condition get worse than before, why the disease can’t be cured for long time. The symptoms show on skin with rashes covered with silvery scales, the skin is also dry and itching. So we should know about more of the psoriasis causes.

The real causes underneath skin, the inflammatory factors, toxic protein and anion radicals in blood, blood vessels and the room of blood cells, the internal organ of liver and kidney as well as the deep side of internal organs.

But normally we only treat the skin surface with cream and pills to treat the immune and so on. There are medicine that can stop the process of epidermis mitosis to form the new silvery scales. And you can intake some vitamins to supplement the lack or loss of vitamin in the process of epidermis mitosis. But that all not give the treatment from the disease process, not from the real cause.

There are some of the detox treatments, but that only remove the blood toxin, the toxic protein absorbed in blood vessels and the anion radicals are not removed.

So that are the risk to occur again and again, so we treat the disease should not onl remove the symptoms and scales, we need treat from the real cause and try our best to prevent the reoccur of the causes, then we can prevent the recurrence of psoriasis and the effects will be good and long term.

It is not a small skin disease, there are many severe types of psoriasis that the symptoms show on scalp and joints arthritis. So the disease developed into the rare and severe psoriatic arthritis that with a obvious heredity feature. And the treatments should be more complicated than the common types psoriasis.

If you want a more rich knowledge of psoriasis, you can send your problems to or you can also send your psoriatic condition to our online doctors, then we try our best give you a professional solution. The similar symptoms should also caused by different causes. So not all the psoriasis patients should take the same medicine and treatment.


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