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Does Environmental Pollution Has A Relationship With Vitiligo

Does Environmental Pollution Has A Relationship With VitiligoWith the social progress and people's living standards, more and more high, the bad environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious, incidence of vitiligo also on the rise, then the environment pollution and vitiligo relationship? Here by vitiligo experts for everyone in detail.

What is the relationship between environmental pollution and vitiligo? for a long time, the vitiligo experts has been in depth study of vitiligo causes of vitiligo and environmental pollution problems, in the clinic case found rural incidence is lower than the city low, low industrial weak areas than in developed industrial areas, anti also high. Confirmed from occupation disease known in contact with certain alkyl phenol compounds can induce vitiligo. If the production and application of phenolic compounds in the industry more and more, the incidence of this disease has increased trend. In addition, water, air, vegetables, grain and other pollution, can also lead to vitiligo from life.

Does environmental pollution has a relationship with vitiligo? Environmental pollution and the incidence of vitiligo embodied in the following points:

1, industrial pollution and vitiligo, industrial sewage on the environment caused by pollution in recent years is one of the reasons for the increased incidence of. Industrial production emissions not the treatment of waste gas, waste water, and rapid growth in motor vehicle emissions exhaust contains many harmful substances in the human body, such as sulfur dioxide, acid, alkali, lead, arsenic, mercury, benzene, phenol and other chemical or heavy metal poison will cause harm to human body. In recent years, large number of emissions of fluorinated refrigerants damage the ozone layer in the atmosphere, leading to excessive ultraviolet radiation to the surface, which will cause harm to human body. All of the above factors are the cause of the increase in the incidence of skin diseases.

2. The relationship between agricultural pollution and vitiligo, crop excess use of chemicals, such as pesticides, fungicides, and ripening agents, excessive feeding of meat poultry growth hormone after the slaughter of the residues in the body, to human health will cause adverse effects.

Above is for environmental pollution and vitiligo have a relationship, if you want to know about vitiligo is how to cause the relevant knowledge, you can click on the Advisory hospital experts. In addition, experts advise: the treatment of vitiligo must choose a professional regular vitiligo hospital, choose their own personalized treatment options, and do a good job of daily care, and finally will be able to overcome vitiligo.


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