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Psychological Disorder Of Vitiligo Patients

Psychological Disorder Of Vitiligo PatientsVitiligo is not only a skin disease, but also affect people's mental health. So patients should pay attention to the psychological barrier of patients , knowing that these knowledge is very important, the following is for you to explain.

1,social disorder

Many patients after illness feel low self-esteem, anxiety and worry, resulting in decreased self-confidence and social loneliness, fear of causing the attention of others, to others with hostility, the interpersonal relationship over sensitive long-term mental depression patients have a "social crisis sense, psychological anxiety, fear of social activities.

Such patients should be patient of psychological care, in the treatment of patients with knowledge of the disease, the attention of the matter, treatment prospects, to maximize the recovery of patients with confidence. At the same time to strengthen the power of social support system, to mobilize the relatives and friends to visit, to give relief, to encourage patients to reflect their own value in the social life, in order to dilute the psychological pressure of the disease.

2, emotional disorder

In patients with sick after long-term depression and anxiety will bring great harm to the body and mind, the patient is easy to self-esteem and self pity, lonely introverted, emotional vulnerability. The development of this melancholy mood will aggravate the disease.

So when the patients with depression and anxiety disorders, the doctor should be patient of interpretative psychotherapy, combined with relaxation training, such as imagination relaxation and deep breathing relaxation, general every 15 minutes, 1 ~ 2 times a day. At the same time to give life guidance, let the patient talk inner experience and feelings, in order to alleviate their anxiety and depression. Patients in daily life can also be through the practice of calligraphy, listening to music and other relaxation of tension, and then improve the mood.

Above is our explanation for the psychological barrier of patients. If we can premature recognition to this knowledge, you can avoid the occurrence of disease, if it is found that there are more types of disease home, please promptly to the hospital, so as not to miss the best treatment period.


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