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Why Does Vitiligo Patients Need To Take Blood Examination

Why Does Vitiligo Patients Need To Take Blood ExaminationBlood test is an essential part of the examination of vitiligo, many people see here will be in doubt, as a skin disease, the diagnosis of vitiligo why should check the patient's blood?

1, to find the cause

Most patients with vitiligo have symptoms of anemia, white blood cells and platelets, and the presence of anti melanoma antibodies in serum of these patients. These tell us do some blood tests to check in before treatment or treatment is necessary, from the abnormal, or find potential internal lesions, identify the cause, symptomatic treatment can improve the cure rate and is conducive to the rehabilitation of vitiligo.

2, to confirm the cause

Usually the blood of patients with vitiligo anomalies mainly in the following aspects: serum ceruloplasmin values decreased, increased serum immune globulin, serum anti melanoma cell antibody positive. Patients with vitiligo blood tests is to determine the etiology of vitiligo, if a vitiligo patient appeared the symptoms, so that his vitiligo with tyrosinase activity decreased and immune system disorders have a close relationship. In the course of treatment is to move closer to the.

3, an antidote against the disease better

In addition to the blood test, vitiligo patients often do have wood lamp examination and the function of internal organs of the body check, the former is to confirm the diagnosis and found white spots is not easy to be found with the naked eye, similar to the purpose with a blood test and to determine the cause, while also taking into account the determination of treatment, such as liver function damage in patients with severe, it is not easy to using the method of oral administration of drugs.

Expert explanation, although vitiligo patients need a blood test, but vitiligo is not a blood disease, patients and friends also don't worry about it. Had vitiligo must actively carry out treatment, believe that the disease will be away from us.


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