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Does Vitiligo Has Connection With Environment

Does Vitiligo Has Connection With EnvironmentAs we all known that vitiligo is a skin disease more common around us, the disease once appear, early diagnosis, early treatment and in life good care, to avoid the vitiligo condition aggravated and bring more serious harm. Vitiligo occurs often with a lot of factors, many of vitiligo is not very understanding, do not know there is no relationship between vitiligo and environmental pollution, in order to strengthen the understanding of vitiligo. Here we have to introduce the relevant knowledge of vitiligo.

The incidence of vitiligo and environmental pollution is a relationship, clinical research shows that the incidence of vitiligo in rural areas than the city's low, while the industrial weak areas are lower than the industrial developed regions, and vice versa. The investigation showed that exposure to certain alkyl phenol compounds can induce vitiligo. If more and more industrial production and application of phenolic compounds, so vitiligo incidence will increase.

Environmental pollution including industrial pollution, agricultural pollution, industrial sewage on the environment caused by pollution is one of the reasons for the increased incidence in recent years. Usually the industrial production emissions of untreated waste gas, and waste water, and emissions of motor vehicle exhaust contains many harmful substances in the human body, these substances can cause harm to human body. In addition, a large number of emissions of fluorinated refrigerants damage the ozone layer in the atmosphere, which can lead to excessive ultraviolet radiation to the surface, but also cause harm to human body.

The relationship between agricultural pollution and vitiligo mainly includes in crops, excessive use of chemicals, such as pesticides, fungicides and ripening agent.

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