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How Does Vitiligo Patients Control Their Negative Emotions

How Does Vitiligo Patients Control Their Negative Emotions Vitiligo psychological adjustment is an auxiliary treatment of vitiligo cure, to maintain an optimistic attitude can effectively promote the treatment of vitiligo. So, vitiligo patients how to control the mood? The skin disease treatment center experts tell us:

Patients with vitiligo can be used in the following methods of vitiligo psychological adjustment, effective control of emotions:

1, the transfer of attention. Encounter trouble, try to control their emotions, and strive to shift attention to the study of work, entertainment and other aspects of interest.

2, as far as possible with the appropriate way to vent their emotions. Select the intimate, to intimate friend bluntly tell difficulties, pour suppressed, even happy crying a; release and reduce the psychological pressure; or playing baseball, running, physical exertion, help to ease the psychological pressure.

3, the training of self-control. For trouble and unhappiness to admit its rationality and necessity, don't worry, do adequate psychological bear force and mental preparation, calmly to think of a way to solve it. Therefore, we should pay attention to the psychological quality of training and training in daily life.

Vitiligo psychological adjustment, control of emotional energy can effectively assist the treatment of vitiligo, but can not replace the medical treatment. Vitiligo patients should pay attention to the treatment to normal hospital for scientific and standardized treatment, in scientific testing by scientific scheme of targeted therapy, so as to cure vitiligo, delays in treatment and blind treatment can only lead to vitiligo exacerbations, increase the difficulty of treatment.

4 awareness of people's awareness can regulate the occurrence and intensity of emotions, in general, patients with vitiligo can be clearly aware of the root causes of their emotional fluctuations, you can more effectively regulate their emotions.

5. Language language adjustment is affecting people's emotional experience and the performance of a powerful tool, the language can cause or inhibit emotional responses, vitiligo is not an incurable disease is disease can be treated, and a small number of patients can be cured completely, the majority of patients with different degrees of improvement, a handful of patients with poor efficacy, treatment therapy is always better than to give up. Control and regulate the patient's mood with these realistic language.

6. Self control development of the Tai Chi class sports activities, self control method was used to control their emotions, psychological processes affect physiological processes, so as to achieve the effect of relaxation and meditation, in order to relieve stress and anxiety and other negative emotions.

7. The behavior of the transfer of the emotional power of action, namely low shift in sentiment to engage in science, culture, learning, work, art, including learning calligraphy, painting, the power of sport.

8. Release method to enable patients to opinion, unfair indignation of things, frankly, to fire unpleasant gas or face of sandbags or head idol punch punches, so as to achieve relaxation nerve function.

Pay attention to the transfer transfer the attention from the negative emotions to other ways to coordinate work, humor, language, appropriate jokes, along with colleagues very harmonious environment of lesions to stop the development and treatment has a positive significance


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