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How To Determine Whether You Have Vitiligo

How To Determine Whether You Have VitiligoVitiligo disease in the present life is also often appear. And if people have the disease, it will be a very serious harm. So, if people find themselves physically similar to the situation, it is needed for their own timely identification. Next, let's get to know the methods of identification.

How to determine whether you have vitiligo:

1, abnormal skin.

Leukoplakia and normal skin clear boundaries, but if it is in the period of white edge can also be expressed in vague, and some white spots around a color boundary between normal skin and white spots diffusion halo of.

2, white plaque.

Throughout the body skin, oral and external genital mucosa and other parts of the range of varying sizes, single or multiple irregular white patches, white patches area gradually expanded, the number increased. Although the vitiligo are manifested as white patches, but degree of depigmentation is not the same, can be expressed as a pale white, milky white, cloud white or porcelain white. In a very small number of cases, the white spot will appear to shrink or disappear.

3, the white patches at the itching.

Leukoplakia surface smooth, scaly or crusted, sensory and secretory function of normal. But there are also a few patients feel itchy white spots at the individual, itching, this situation in the white spot in the development and effective can be seen, there are a small number of patients with vitiligo white parts of the secretion of sweat odor.

4, more sensitive to sunlight or ultraviolet.

Vitiligo is more sensitive to sunlight or ultraviolet light, the sun can be redness, burning, blisters, itching, severe leukoplakia development.

How to determine their own vitiligo? As long as we have made more than their own judgment, you can know whether they have vitiligo. If you know you really have to go through the above of the disease, the patient should go to the hospital in time for treatment, and do not have any delay. Only through active treatment, patients can be able to restore their health.


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