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Can Vitiligo Cause Cancer

Can Vitiligo Cause CancerAs we all known that vitiligo is a primary skin lesions, and the tumor is the result of excessive cell division and proliferation of tissue, the pathological manifestations of the two are quite different. Therefore, vitiligo is completely different from the tumor. But some immune system of tumor, such as multiple myeloma, Hodgkin's disease (lymphosarcoma), thymoma or grass fungoides patients can appear pan onset vitiligo, and vitiligo patients can also be the existence of some immune dysfunction, even with the immune system of the primary disease, and therefore prompt vitiligo and diseases of the immune system is a certain relationship.

The most interesting is the relationship between malignant melanoma and vitiligo, 10%~20% malignant melanoma patients with vitiligo, vitiligo damage, malignant melanoma have been transferred. Strange is when the metastasis of a malignant melanoma, is not associated with vitiligo patients the average survival period generally not to a year, and patients with vitiligo patients are able to survive for 4-5 years some can survive 20 years, or even longer.

Malignant melanoma associated with vitiligo have the following conditions:

1, in the malignant melanoma of the central white patches

2, in the tumor around the formation of white halo

3, after the removal of the tumor body appeared multiple halo moles, generalized white patches

4, surgery scar outside the white patches, eye wall pigment, hair, white and so on.

Some brain tumor patients may also complicated with vitiligo. This vitiligo is more common in the forehead, but there is no clear relationship between the internal tumor.

Simple vitiligo is a common disease that does not affect the health and does not affect the work. The tumor associated with vitiligo is rare, and there is little to no interaction between the two.


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