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Why Your Psoriasis Can’t Be Cured For Years

Why Your Psoriasis Can’t Be Cured For Years,Psoriasis We all the psoriasis is with repeated episode feature and heredity feature. So some of us psoriasis patients are tried with the treatments for it can occur later again and again.

The symptoms show on skin, but the real causes are underneath the skin, it is a immune system disorder and we need figure out the real causes, then based on such causes to give treatments that is the real cause your psoriasis can’t be cured.

We can’t treat the disease from the cause which is the main aspect the disease will repeat to occur. But there are also many triggers that can reach the same condition.

If you are fatigue from mind and body to stay up too late, and suffer lots pressure, the skin scales will turn thick. Itching and pain feeling will be stronger, then you can’t help scratching the skin lesions, the condition even get more worse than before and spread to the other areas. Such condition will let be afraid of the disease of psoriasis, then pressure will let the psoriasis get more worse.

The disease in the acute stage will show obvious symptoms. So we need have professional treatments timely.

And there are some of the goods that you can’t eat like onion, ginger, garlic a and pepper. And if you smoking and drink alcohol heavily, the condition will get worse obviously.

If you pay attention to the triggers in daily life, the risk to reoccur can be decreased. And we know take some safe treatments and medication to ease the condition. We know that cream and pills has the fast effects, but which are the short time effects. So we advice the patients to use some detox treatments to remove the blood toxin. The medication to use the herb medicine instead of cream and pills, or which will show the side effects to your body.

The herb medicine is from medical plant, so it is safe and long time to show the effects and the effects will last long time too. But even the herb medicine, you still need the doctor’s advice to have a test firstly.  If you still have any problems, you can consult the online doctor or send us email to we will give you a favor to ease your psoriasis.


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