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Is Segmental Vitiligo Infectious

 Is Segmental Vitiligo InfectiousAs we all known that in summer, we often see some people have the white patches for one or several pieces, in fact, this is the segmental vitiligo. Is the friends of patients are worried that the segmental vitiligo contagious? Because they don't want to torture again by this pain for their next generation. Because vitiligo patients often are ashamed to see anyone, they were afraid of the see in the eyes of others to abandon their own, which will make them lose more confidence.

Now, the medical profession of vitiligo etiology and pathogenesis is not clear. The preliminary view and gene, environment and immune system disorders. About half of the patients had symptoms before the age of 20. Patients because of skin pigment cells decrease or loss of activity, faded areas began to appear in the acral skin. The affected area was generally symmetrical distribution, the area may be expanded over time or not, part of the affected area may also re coloring. Located in the scalp or other body hair area affected area may also cause the hair to fade.

About half of the patients can find some kind of incentive, so don't panic, know the reason, good solve. Up to see the spirit of factors and local factors, including mental factors, such as mental trauma, extreme tension, emotional fluctuations, etc.. Local factors include the skin trauma or eczema, dermatitis and other inflammatory skin diseases. Other induced by the sun (especially exposure), system diseases, surgery, etc..

The doctor said that vitiligo is not contagious, so is the segmental vitiligo. For this problem some people in our society has been the existence of misunderstanding, most of my friends think this skin disease is contagious, so all of the patients with vitiligo have a certain degree of discrimination, shunned.

Is the need for infectious source of infection, source of infection as medium between man and man, man and animal, spread between animal and animal. Vitiligo is an acquired pigment depigmentation of skin disease, is caused by autoimmune and melanoma cell damage and other factors, do not have the source of infection, vitiligo is not contagious.

Although vitiligo is not contagious, but there are also a lot of harm to the patient's life, deeply affect the patient's life, work and family. Some patients with vitiligo and even depression, autism spectrum disorders of psychological inferiority, so vitiligo patients must in early timely treatment, it is the only guarantee the wise choice of vitiligo can be cured.


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