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Can Vitiligo Be Exposed Under The Sun

Can Vitiligo Be Exposed Under The Sun As we all known that after suffering from vitiligo, in addition to timely treatment, of course, nursing work should not be negelect , and in addition to the diet should pay attention to, life in vitiligo many aspects need to pay attention, then for vitiligo, can vitiligo bask in the sun? Below we together to find out the details, may be helpful to the patient's condition.

Vitiligo and other skin diseases are not the same, not completely taboo sun, vitiligo can bask in the sun, but this may not be that can be the sun, but due to the sun.

Patients with vitiligo appropriate sun will have some help for the disease, because the sun can stimulate melanocytes, thereby enhancing melanocyte function, has receded to white. Especially for the development of vitiligo, appropriate to the sun can see the white spot boundary gradually clear, the edge of the skin color will deepen, so appropriate to bask in the sun for vitiligo enter a quiescent period of favorable.

But if the patient does not know how to appropriate light, excessive light is will lead to vitiligo area becomes larger, if some patients to excessive exposure will make the skin erythema, or blisters, some bullae in the development of vitiligo if these phenomena, in bullous, blister disappeared after will found the white spot area variable phenomena, it is recommended that patients with vitiligo can be appropriate sun exposure, but to avoid exposure, to prevent the effects of recovery.

Patients with vitiligo to avoid light exposure, may, at its discretion, accept can promote the metabolism of melanocytes and will not cause skin inflammation in the amount of ultraviolet light irradiation. Suggested to autumn and winter, spring can choose at noon, the sun shines into the ground to bask in the sun, the drying time can be longer, and for the summer, the sun to in the morning in the evening is appropriate, at noon the sun, then can choose across the glass exposure, repeated exposure, but some short.

In patients with vitiligo can be appropriate to the sun, but it is not recommended in the sun exposure, generally require patients to at noon on two seasons of winter and spring were appropriate sun bath is conducive to the rehabilitation of vitiligo, so that vitiligo can be appropriate to the sun.

Patients seen after see the above information about exposure under the sun light. Friends of patients should maintain an optimistic attitude in the treatment of vitiligo, vitiligo is to overcome fear, cooperate with the doctor carried out scientific and standardized treatment, believe the patient will be able to overcome the vitiligo.


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