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Can Vitiligo Be Inherited To The Next Generation

Can Vitiligo Be Inherited To The Next GenerationVitiligo is a stubborn skin diseaseas as its with hereditary situation, many vitiligo patients who had white patches are worried about going to the torture of his very painful vitiligo genetic to their children, which for a family undoubtedly is a disaster. Then, patients with vitiligo to this genetic disease to children?? Beijing Huayi vitiligo hospital experts, the majority of vitiligo are sporadic cases, no family history. About 1/4 of patients with vitiligo in his first degree relatives can be seen in other patients with vitiligo.

The causes of vitiligo is complex, usually considered by the interaction of environmental, genetic, immune, and the spirit of factors and lead to autoimmune melanocyte damage, and the skin or hair white patches.

Vitiligo have a certain genetic background, maybe due to it is a often autosomal dominant gene abnormality, but from the point of view of the genetics, genetics is a factor in the pathogenesis of vitiligo. In addition, lifestyle, work, learning environment, eating habits, mental state is to focus on the role of, vitiligo is generally in the genetic factors and environmental factors have the conditions before onset. Therefore, even if there are genetic factors, it may not be the incidence, and genetic factors vary from person to person, the upper and lower bands are rare. This shows that the chance of vitiligo inherited the next generation is not.

Therefore, patients with vitiligo is marriage and child rearing, the need to pay attention to is vitiligo patients in finding a spouse, should not looking for people suffering from vitiligo do spouses, in order to avoid genetic factors increase. If the parents have a history of vitiligo, the children should pay attention to the impact of environmental factors, pay attention to their eating habits, life should be the law, to avoid exposure and mental stimulation, angry or excited, keep optimistic mood, cheerful personality, strengthen physical exercise, enhance immunity, once found abnormal white spots should be done as early as possible go to a doctor, early treatment, early rehabilitation.


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