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Can the Psoriasis Patients Have Baby

Many patients want to have a baby, but the disease perplex them for the fear it may transmit to their children. In reality, this disease will not infect the others and with a possibility of passing to the next generation. But there is no absolutely conclusion it can inhere to them.

But before the pregnant period, you’d better pay attention to the following issues. 1, If you still in the acute stage, you should consider to have a baby after this period when the disease condition is controlled in a stable stage .

2, Some kinds of medicine can make fetal malformation, such as methotrexate, Avi A, cyclosporine and so on.

3, A comprehensive examination you’d better take before you are considering to have a baby. Adjust the spirit and psychological mind in a stable situation.

So after the relative examination from the doctors and the advice you can have a baby. If you still have other problem, you can contact us.


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