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Can Vitiligo Patients Use Sunscreen Creams

Can Vitiligo Patients Use Sunscreen Creams There are many people think that sunscreen is the most essential protection products in summer , but for vitiligo disease, which is easy to induce or repeat , can vitiligo patients can use sunscreen cream? In this regard, experts vitiligo hospital said, the parts of the vitiligo can smear sunscreen, but be careful daub contains only sunscreen.

During scorching summer, vitiligo patients can go out with sunscreen cream ? Is it harmful for the skin ? Lets check out the below information :

The sunscreen is the most important factors which vitiligo patients have to pay attention to, especially in the hot summer, strong ultraviolet radiation and patients can not go out, it is better to use sunscreen. Because a lot of sunscreen is the main component of organic sunscreen agent, many organic sunscreen agent of ultraviolet ray to curb boycott, which will change the ultraviolet wavelengths to prevent ultraviolet damage to the skin, make the skin harmful ultraviolet rays, into harmless; and a for physical sunscreen agent to is refraction effect. The main ingredient is titanium dioxide, zinc oxide two. The refraction of sunlight has a great effect.

Vitiligo is a common multiple of pigment diminished skin disease, which mainly commom as localized or generalized type of pigment depigmentation formation of leukoplakia. The etiology is complex, and its difficult to cure. The strong ultraviolet radiation, which is easy to aggravate the condition of patients with vitiligo, so the protection is particularly important. And sunscreen can protect patients with vitiligo skin UV damage, there are certain benefits for illness and sunscreen protection normal color is not black, reduce color with white spots, from the appearance, rub sunscreen is good. Vitiligo patients can use sunscreen.

There are a lot of products on the market which have a certain amount of sunscreen effect, but this is not a direct alternative to the use of sunscreen. For example, BB cream, isolation, as there are liquid foundation, contain a certain amount of sunscreen ingredients. However, these products contain some whitening cover component, and contain whitening ingredients of cosmetics mostly containing heavy metals such as lead and mercury, these components would cause some damage on the skin of patients with vitiligo, may aggravate the condition.

So, the experts advise vitiligo patients , try not to use BB cream, isolation, liquid foundation, such as containing heavy metal components of cosmetics. Vitiligo patients with the best choice of pure sunscreen, there is no other whitening chemical components of sunscreen to use, otherwise it may cause adverse effects.


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