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How To Effectively Prevent The Incidence Of Vitiligo

How To Effectively Prevent The Incidence Of VitiligoWith the coming of spring, everything is ready for a compeltely recovery , at the same time, the skin has begun upgrading, with various skin diseases. In addition to the high incidence of urticaria, eczema, vitiligo is one of the high incidence of skin diseases during spring and summer .

The predisposing factors of vitiligo is complex, the seasonal change is one of the important factors. Although the incidence of vitiligo in four seasons of the year, but the incidence is mainly occurs in spring and summer. Early spring period, human body is still in a low level to adapt the UV ability , at the time when the climate is dry, strong ultraviolet rays penetrating, melanoma cells and the synthesis of melanin are very easy to damage and destruction, so that the skin appears white.

So how to effectively prevent the incidence of vitiligo?

1 do some good skin protections when go out

One of the reasons in the high incidence of vitiligo in spring is UV enhanced, therefore patients need to strengthen the sunscreen when going out. When patients go out ,they can wear some sunscreen, but try to avoid the strong irritant drugs, so as not to cause other diseases of the skin.

2 more exercise

During the spring period, the body's immune system is getting decline, at this time,patients need to do some physical exercise which can strengthen their physique, improve immunity. Outdoor has strong ultraviolet light, may be appropriate to increase the indoor sports.

3 maintain a good diet

At this time, patients should avoid greasy and irritating too strong food, appropriate to eat foods rich in tyrosine and minerals, such as animal liver, walnuts, black sesame, eat less fish and seafood, drinking less.

4 cultivate a good rest and mood

Patients should combine the work and exercise in their daily work , they should learn how to pay attention to rest, not too tired. The spring season, the mood is impetuous, you should maintain a calm attitude, remember the big emotional ups and downs.

Vitiligo exopers remid us : in addition to the above measures, it should be noted that after the cure of vitiligo patients at very Yi Fufa, should pay more attention to the daily care and health care. Once the recurrence, should be timely medical treatment.


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