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How Is Eczema Be Caused

How Is Eczema Be Caused Eczema is a kind of epidermis and dermis which caused by a variety of internal and external factors of the common superficial inflammatory skin disease, generally it havs a certain relationship with allergic reaction. The clinical manifestation has the characteristics of symmetry, exudative, pruritic, pleomorphic and recurrent etc..

How is Eczema be caused ? This is a question which lot of patients are unable to understand, it feels like eczema is out of nowhere, in fact, eczema is associated with the pathogenesis of certain factors. Here is some experts Heilongjiang auspicious clouds demartological hospital to introduce what is the cause of eczema.

Eczema is a common allergic, inflammatory skin disease, with rash diversity, symmetrical distribution, severe itching, recurrent, easy to play into chronic, can occur in any age, any part of any season, but often in the winter after recurrence or aggravate.

1, genetic factors: the occurrence of eczema and heredity, but genetic and eczema is not a disease itself, but the system of allergy.

2, environmental factors: environmental factors on eczema also have considerable impact.

3, infection factors: for example, some microbial infection, these organisms including Staphylococcus aureus, horses pull Malassezia, source of fungi such as Alternaria and branching cinerea, Penicillium, Fusarium, Penicillium chrysogenum and Rhizopus nigricans and so on.

4, dietary factors: some food can also cause allergies, then induced eczema. Such as modern food also often used to some chemical synthetic foods such as saccharin, acetic acid, citric acid, essence and synthetic dyes.

5, drug factors: a major cause of drug factors is eczema and any medications have cause eczema eruption possibility.

6. Other factors: eczema may also be caused by depression, fatigue, depression, anxiety, tension and excitement, insomnia and other neuropsychiatric factors, there is sunlight, ultraviolet radiation, cold, wet, dry, friction climate and physical factors. In addition, chronic gastrointestinal disease, chronic alcoholism, intestinal parasites, and disorders, endocrine disorders and other factors The new supersedes the old. are the cause of eczema.


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