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How Does Elderly Vitiligo Prevent Vitiligo By Exercise

How Does Elderly Vitiligo Prevent Vitiligo By ExerciseAs we all known that in order to prevent disease, it is necessary to enhance the body resistance and immunity , while the exercise is the best choice of enhancing the resistance and immunity of human body, but for the elderly, for the disease prevention of occurrence , the economic restructuring resistance and immunity is necessary, experts suggest that, exercise can keep body healthy, regular exercise can prevent a variety of diseases, the elderly should also do regular exercise, such as morning exercise, elderly vitiligo people are susceptible to occur the skin disease , thus, how does elderly vitiligo prevent vitiligo by exercise?

Among the vitiligo Patients, there are elderly vitiligo patients prevent the vitiligo through exercise ,it is feasible

1 the exercise time of elderly vitiligo should not be too early

It is fact that morning is the best time for exercise , but exercise of elderly vitiligo people should not prematurely, experts said that, many plants will releases the oxygen in the daytime by the process of photosynthesis , these oxygen is allowing a person to breathe, but at night, because there is not enough light, plants will absorb the surrounding oxygen, and have photosynthesis, plants will release the carbon dioxide, and people are running out for oxygen, so it is adversely to the body. Premature exercise, carbon dioxide in the air is not cleared yet, if elderly vitiligo patients do exercise at this time, they may will absorb too much carbon dioxide, and cause lack of oxygen, and it is harmful to the body.

2 elderly vitiligo should avoid fasting in order to prevent vitiligo

Most people would think that eating before exercise will increase the stomach burden, but it is actually detrimental to health. Therefore, it is easy to exercise on an empty stomach. In fact, the exercise on an empty stomach is harmful to the body, it is not harmful to eat something before exercise,it will not affect the gastrointestinal health, but the elderly vitiligo due to the weak body function, metabolism is slow, it is not suggested to fast before exercise, cuz the blood flowing of elderly vitiligo people is relatively slow , blood pressure and body temperature is relevitely low, so themorning exercise should be to drink hot water, increase the heat of body in order to the prevent the vitiligo.

3 elderly vitiligo patients should not to do strenuous exercise

Elderly vitiligo people are not suitable for too intense exxecise, because the elderly vitiligo patients body is relatively weak, the strenuous exercise, may exacerbate the elderly burden of heart and lung, it is detrimental to their health, the vitiligo experts suggest that, when elderly vitiligo people do exercise, it should be gradual, with relaxed and comfortable, they should not do too intense exercise, it is favorable to prevent the elderly vitiligo

Vitiligo hospital experts remind us that, the occurrence of elderly vitiligo patients should do some prevention, through the proper exercise, it can effectively prevent various diseases.


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