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Can Vitiligo Patients Drink Alcohol

Can Vitiligo Patients Drink AlcoholAs we all known that vitiligo patients should not often drink alcohol,cuz alcohol can not only cause damage to patient’s body, but also harmful to the liver and other organs. So vitiligo patiens should not drink alcohol.

Drinking alcohol can not only damage the body organs,but also arrest the activity of the cells.eventually affect the treatment. So vitiligo patients should not drink any alcohol.

In addition, the reseach has found that drinking alcohol can cause microcirculatory disturbance ,eventually cause the congestion of small vein,and also cause Cells tissue ischemia and hypoxia,and finally aggraviate the melanin cell and cause more white patches.

However, Alcohol has no any benefits to vitiligo patients . Alcohol is made of many spicy elements , it is a super hot drink, it can not only damage to the body organs, but also can inhibit the activity of cells. Also affect the treatment process, so vitiligo patients must do a teetotaler. In addition, in smoking, patients should also avoid from it.

Human microcirculation has close connection with vitiligo, so vitiligo patients pay attention to it, after drinking ,it can cause microcirculation, The hazard in the process is leading to a small peripheral vein dilation, congestion, due to blood stasis of blood returning to pose obstacles, tissue ischemia and hypoxia, and aggravate the damage of melanocytes, and finally increased the proliferation of skin white spots.


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