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Why Do Vitiligo Patients Face Melanin Depigmentation Phenomenon

Why Do Vitiligo Patients Face Melanin Depigmentation Phenomenon Vitiligo is a congenital or acquired skin disease which due to the lack of melanin . So why patients with vitiligo have the phenomenon of melanin depigmentation?

Vitiligo is a kind of accessiable skin discoloration disease, the external symptoms of the disease is couple of white patches on the body, therefore, the disease will always bring the serious harm to the patients appearance

According to the white patches symptoms of Vitiligo symptoms , the production of its decolorization lesions, mainly caused by the decline in the patient's own melanin content. So , vitiligo is only a skin external lesions, and there will be no damage, because the cause of the disease is a disorder of melanin synthesis reaction, so the treatment of vitiligo disease should also be to regulate the function of melanoma cells.

So why patients with vitiligo have melanin depigmentation phenomenon?

The destruction of melanocytes will affect the synthesis reaction

With the declining of the melanin content in patients body ,apart from the block from the synthesis reaction , some caused by external stimuli of melanoma cell function depigmentation, it will always be easily induced skin white spot disease. So in ordinary life, when the patient their own body by some outside stimulation damage, because of its skin in function and structure will be severely damaged. Therefore, at this time the skin of patients with melanoma cells will be very prone to abnormal function of the disease. With the decline in the ability of melanin synthesis, the patients own melanin content will be significantly decreased. As a result, it will greatly enhance the incidence of white spot disease. So, vitiligo patients should pay attention to keep a scientific conditioning, appropriate to protect the external damage, but also need to pay more attention to the problem.

Black pigment lesions also caused a decrease in melanin content

In the daily life, due to the influence of diet and emotional factors , due to their own physical conditioning function can not be effectively guaranteed. Therefore, the skin function of patients may also will be abnormal. Because their diet is not scientific, so that the nutritional content of vitiligo patients began to gradually decline. And as a result, because the patients their own skin melanin synthesis reaction will be severely hampered. Therefore, the patient's own melanin will appear obvious depletion. Thus , to prevent the generation of white spot disease, vitiligo patient must do their own body function conditioning, to prevent the synthesis of melanin hindered.

At the same time, through out the lots of experts researches, the cycle of the normal cell metabolism is 28 days, but vitiligo patients cell metabolism cycle is revelatively long due to a decline in the body of the tyrosinase activity,the melanin which secrete in the basal can not within the normal range of cycle cannot be transport melanin to the skin surface, thats how white patches occurs.


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