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How To Prevent The Recurrence Of The Psoriasis

How To Prevent The Recurrence Of The PsoriasisWhat is psoriasis? Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin disease that is prone to relapse. How can we avoid psoriasis in our lives? Experts concluded that we should avoid the following psoriasis: clean, remove incentives, diet, medication, etc.

How to avoid the recurrence of psoriasis? Doctors pointed out that the first thing to do is prevent the recurrence of the measures, it is easy.

Here are some detailed effective measures for avoiding the recurrence of psoriasis :

1,Hygiene clean. Because every day you need to shed a lot of scales, in patients with psoriasis, the bed will scaly, then we should keep the bedding should be kept clean, timely cleaning of dander. To frequently change underwear.

2,remove incentives. Cold, fever, upper respiratory tract infection, pharyngitis, tonsillitis and are one of the main reasons for the cause of psoriasis patients should be added to avoid.

3,medication taboo. Most of the external use of drugs containing hormone ingredients, our hospital experts do not recommend the use of psoriasis patients to avoid causing the disease back jump, resulting in exacerbations.

4, diet regulation. Patients with acute stage of severe psoriasis, a large number of loss of a large number of epidermal shedding protein, and even abnormal liver function. Protein synthesis and eating are affected, should be given high protein, high calorie, psoriasis patient should try their bets to rich in their cellulose diet, every day, eat 1-2 eggs supplement the loss of protein nutrition, so as to ensure nutritional balance in patients with severe psoriasis, allowing the disease to recover more quickly. In addition, psoriasis patients would also like to eat some low fat foods, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, eat Anabaena seafood and spicy stimulation food, avoid alcohol, tea, coffee, etc. may aggravate the severity of food and drink.

5, skin care. Psoriasis patient should pay attention to their wound care to prevent secondary infection is essential to prevent skin lesions in a timely manner to prevent infection, and make more serious symptoms of psoriasis. Skin of psoriasis patients should be kept dry, transfusion or blood pressure.


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