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What If Vitiligo Patients Eat Eggs

What If Vitiligo Patients Eat Eggs There are couple of vitiligo patients who often ask , what can vitiligo patients eat and what are the food taboos of vitiligo ? The most common questin is can vitiligo patients eat egges ? Here are the detailed answer about it:
Vitiligo patients can eat eggs, in their daily diet , patients should eat fresh, light chlorophyll, more fresh pork liver, lean meat, beef, black foods such as black sesame, black beans and so on. Eat less spicy food, such as wine, pepper, raw garlic, etc.. Eat less meat, fat, seafood. Eat foods rich in vitamin C foods such as tomatoes, hawthorn, red fruit and other carbonated drinks. Usually can eat more: lean meat. Eggs, animal offal. Milk, fresh vegetables and a variety of soy products, peanuts. Black rice, raisins, edible fungus, chicken, snails and other shellfish.
Meanwhile, vitiligo Patients should usually eat some foods which contains rich tyrosine and minerals , such as : meat (cattle, rabbit, pig meat), animal liver, eggs (eggs, duck eggs, quail eggs), milk (milk, yogurt), vegetables (fresh vegetables and radish, eggplant, winter bamboo shoots, edible fungus, kelp, such as beans (soybeans, peas, green beans, soy products), peanuts, black sesame seeds, walnuts, raisins, snails, clams and other shellfish food.
In addition, Vitiligo patients are lack of certain trace elements of the white spot skin, resulting in decreased in vivo activity of tyrosinase, affecting the synthesis of melanin production of skin lesions. So patients should eat more foods which contains rich in copper, zinc, iron and other metal elements, it is recommended to make copper utensils, it can promote the synthesis of melanin, conducive to vitiligo treatment. Meanwhile patients should eat less food which contains rich in vitamin C . Because vitamin C can make the patient's serum copper and reduce the serum copper oxidase level significantly, and also affect the activity of tyrosinase, reduce the generation of skin melanocytes in patients, so that it worsen the patient's condition . Too sour and spicy food should also be noted. Vitiligo patients Should not eat onions, garlic, and pepper, wine, easy to cause skin itching patients. Usually eat more foods containing tyrosine and minerals, meat, animal liver, eggs, milk, vegetables, peanuts, black sesame seeds, walnuts, raisins, snails, clams and other shellfish foods, so that it can increase the the body's tyrosine activity.


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