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How To Correctly Select The Vitiligo Treatment

How To Correctly Select The Vitiligo TreatmentThe incidence of vitiligo is also associated with lacking of trace elements in patients bodyand low immunity caused by the formation of melanin in the process of reducing the activity of tyrosinase activity, caused some obstacles of melanin formation , resulting in white patches appear. Vitiligo is a chronic skin disease, so that the majority of patients are very distressed with it, in fact, most patients are not familiar with the this disease, and they did not take proper treatment, or delay treatment , thats why it resulted in a permanently vitiligo.

First, correctly select the vitiligo treatment options, the majority of patients can choose their own treatment options according to their own skin situation.

1, counseling from the patients who is under taking the treatment right now, there goes a proverb that says "misery loves company", the exchange informations between patients can reflect the actual situation, after the onset , patients should not eager to seek help in hurry, patients should consult with the patients who is under taking the treatment, ask these patients to introduce their treatment experience and help to make treatment choice .

2, consulting from the patients who has already healed ,at the early stage of the disease, patients should choose the appropriate treatment, patients should maintain a normal state of mind, actively search more patients who has been healed. In order to get the various aspects which related to treatment information, repeatedly weighed the informations, then choose the best treatment plan according to their own condition, don't delay the treatment time because of vanity .

3, consulting from the local hospital and ask for treatment plan ,patients can go several hospitals for consultation before treatment, consultation should be focused, target on the efficacy, such as efficiency, the cure rate, and also refer to the medical records, observation and comparison of previous treatment photos before and after. Through many aspects of consultation, patients can repeated comparison, analysis the information they have gotten , it can be for their own conditions to screen out a more appropriate treatment.

Two, the treatment of vitiligo, different vitiligo situations has different treatment options , patients should identify their own cause of vitiligo, observe from the root of the disease and get the targeted treatment, it is the best way to solve the vitiligo.

1, pay attention to the importance of the vitiligo treatment . Setting up individualized treatment plan According to the individual differences of patients, avoid ineffective drug, enables the body to produce resistance and resistance to delayed treatment.

2, Apply from inside to outside of the treatment plan. Faster Effective melanin cultivate surgery with autologous melanoma cells to repair, vitiligo on the stationary phase and localized type has an immediate effect, and for the acute stage of development, generalizedvitiligo has an excellent effect of disease control.


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