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How To Decrease The Recurrence Rate Of Psoriasis

How To Decrease The Recurrence Rate Of Psoriasis,PsoriasisPsoriasis is a normal skin disorder, and it is hard to get rid of recurrence. That is the problem most psoriasis patients suffer and want to get a solution. Now we introduce some ways to decrease the recurrence rate.


It is the most simple ways to do. There are many triggers in daily life that can cause or worsen the patients. For the male patients, smoking and wine or peer should avoid. Some foods you should take less or stop include, beef, mutton ,seafood. Spicy and salted foods should be less. Pressure and stay up too late can worsen your condition.

Such prevention should pay enough attention. For instance, you smoking or taking wine heavily for one week, your condition can get worse obviously. Coffee and strong tea should take less or stop.


You got the disease may because environment, infection, injury,stress and gene. Or you may have a low immune system, lots clinic cases show that if you have a strong immune system, the condition can turn better.

You can do some mild sports, such as jogging, swimming and climb mountains. No matter if you have psoriasis, to do some sports are good for you. And the patients who suffer from psoriasis, you especially should have sports.


Although the diets and sports can improve your condition, but when your condition is severe, it can’t help you. And the condition is severe, the attention to diets and sports show little effect, then you need get a professional treatment to ease your condition.

Western treatments

The medicine, cream, lotion and laser treatment are common for psoriasis patients, in different stages, the doctor can give you different treatments to ease your condition. And mostly, it can be improved quickly. But the good condition can’t last a long time, the symptoms can return later.


For most of the Indian patients, you should have tried the Ayurveda to remove toxin from blood and to treat the skin lesions. It is a safe treatment, but the effects takes a period of time to show.

360 degree removing toxin treatments

It is a type treatment from Beijing Meidi TCM Skin Disease Hospital. This treatments treat the disease to remove toxin and adjust internal organs function, then the toxin is removed, the skin condition disappears. The skin shows the disease symptoms, the cause of the disease is in blood, but the root is in the internal organs. The laser treatments to promote the production of pigment is like soak up some sun, the theory is similar to that you tan you skin.

So we should remove the toxin from blood, to adjust the immune system and stop the production of the toxin to blood.

The external symptoms of psoriasis are similar for every patient, actually there are many kinds and the therapies vary from people to people. If you want a further knowledge, you can consult the online doctor or send us email to, we can give you a professional solution.


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