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Can Vitiligo Be Cured By Skin-grafting

Can Vitiligo Be Cured By Skin-graftingTransplantation is one of the treatment method of treatment , but it should truly based on the specific causes of the patient's disease and decide whether it is suitable for transplantation.

The vitiligo experts has pointed out that some of the patients are not the fixed point type of vitiligo, so they can take skin grafting treatment, there are various skin extension after the treatment, the vitiligo which caused by the injuries skin lesions can also take skin grafting treatment, skin scar also resulted in a large number of postoperative facial scar after the skin grafting surgery. There are also some other vitiligo patients get allergies due to blind using of drugs, which directly result in systemic allergies.

However,Patients with the stage (active) type of vitiligo, it is best for them not to do skin graft surgery. First, the effect is not good, the survival rate is relatively low; secondly, the skin lesions is still expanding, local transplantation can not solve the problem at all; finally, the skin transplant may occur the Isomorphic reaction: the normal skin of vitiligo patients get trauma in locally and produced white patches and make leukoplakia expand.

To sum up,, the transplantation is not necessarily suitable for each patient, it should turly depend on the detailed condition.

If you want to cure vitiligo fundamentally,then patients need to identify the real cause of the disease, because each person's etiology and location are different, then the treatment program is certainly not the same.

Skin grafting operation can only dispel the white patches from the surface , but it doesn't actually remove vitiligo etiology, it is still easy to relapse and recurrence after the reoccurence, it will get more serious, and it is more difficult to treat. So generally, it will be adopted only emergency situations , it is not recommend to use many times .there has appeared a kind of new technology ,which is the melanin cell cultivation techniques, melanoma cells implanted lesions isolated from autologous normal skin. It also offers several medium, ensure the melanin cell survival division to achieve the effect of eliminating white spots, it is more effective when it compared with skin graft surgery .


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