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Precaution Of Segmental Vitiligo

As we all know,although vitiligo is skin disease which is superficial, there is noi\ much pain or itchy but it will seriously affect the vitiligo patients appearance, so vitiligo patients are often under a severe physical and mental pressure. So, how to prevent segmental vitiligo.

Here are some valuable tips to preventing segmental vitiligo:

1,try to avoid contact with phenol and phenolic compounds: too much chemical contact can easily damage the health of the skin. Such as hydroquinone single benzene ether (substituted phenols), to be used as rubber antioxidant, it often contacts with rubber products such as rubber gloves, rubber laces, and also often caused by the partial bleaching, white spots appear and in distant parts also occurrs white spot lesions. The freckle cream which mainly made of single benzene ether of hydroquinone ingredient can also casue leukoplakia on hands or face. In addition, regular contact with gasoline, paint can also intrigger the vitiligo. The vitiligo experts have pointed out that this is the key point of the health care of segment vitiligo.

2, try to avoid trauma, friction, oppression. When vitiligo patients take shower, they should not rub the lesion skin.

3, the clothes should be comfortable and suit for patients body, especially underwear, bra is not suggested to be too tight, the belt should be loose. Clinically, the breast, waist, groin, and other places of the white patches are often caused by local oppression. Underwear should be made of pure cotton products, patients can not wear cloth which made of chemical fiber .

4, try to avoid long time exposure to strong sunlight. Many patients often travel, work outdoor in summer, it can induce the recurrence of vitiligo, this is also the health protection of segmental vitiligo.


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