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Why Erythrodermic Psoriasis Is Severe Than Other Types Of Psoriasis

Why Erythrodermic Psoriasis Is Severe Than Other Types Of Psoriasis,PsoriasisErythrodermic Psoriasis attack many parts of human body,and company with a great amount of scales, the normal functions of skin is destroyed. So this type of psoriasis is easy to get the further step damages, such as the fungi and bacteria infection. And the scale let the skin turn dry and cause great loss of water, then the electrolyte disturbance. And those condition can worsen the disease, and it may also cause the hurt to liver and kidney. There will also another loss of keratoprotein, so the patients may occur the hypoproteinemia. The whole body may occur swelling and immune disorder condition. You may also has the fever or afraid of cold condition. Once the skin infection get worse, the fever will be hard to control.

And the complications of this type is more than the other types, the disease is stubborn, some severe condition may threaten patients life.

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