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Can Vitiligo Recurrence

Can Vitiligo Recurrence Vitiligo is actually an acquired localized or generalized skin depigmentation disorder, it is characterized by the local or generalized depigmentation formation of leukoplakia . So far, the pathogenesis of vitiligo is still unknown, and it is also linked with autoimmune disease theory, melanocyte self destruction doctrine, the doctrine of neurochemical factors, genetic theory . So treatment is more difficult.

Here are some directive opinions about this question:

In termsof the clinical statistics, after the treatment , there are some people will still face relapse condition, it may significantly be associated with the patient's physical body, autoimmune and ect.

However, It is a problem that many patients with vitiligo most concerned after treatment, that is will vitiligo be relapsed ? There are also couple of recurrence cases during In the clinical vitiligo treatment . But what really triggers vitiligo ? Here are some valuable information about it :

the main factors which cause the recurrence of vitiligo are as following :

Clinical observation showed that some vitiligo patients have faced the recurrence condition after treatment, the recurrence factors of vitiligo are as following :

1,recurrence after a variety of infectious diseases .

2, recurrence after given birth to a baby and child feeding .

3, recurrence after geting a trauma or surgery.

4, recurrence after intake a large nuber of drinking or eating fish and mutton.

5, there is no any consolidate treatment after vitiligo treatment.

6, Mental trauma of in family history and work stressful.

The incidence of vitiligo is associated with nerve and mental factors, autoimmune factors, and these factors can make the body's immune function decline, coupled with mental factors, and eventually cause the recurrence.


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