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Can Psoriasis Woman Be Pregnant

Can Psoriasis Woman Be PregnantThere are quite lot of psoriasis women who has such a common doubt, that is about can their psoriasis transfer to their children? Can psoriasis woman be pregnant? Can they have a baby? So here are some valuable suggestions about these questions.

In reality, among those psoriasis patients, there are few patients who are born with psoriasis. Some of them carry the psoriasis because there is a family psoriasis history between them, patients who has family history of psoriasis only occupy little proportion when it compares with patients with acquired psoriasis. Some patients may have psoriasis when they were a baby, this has a certain relationship with the patient's living environment. Because the cause of psoriasis is complex, genetic is only one aspect of it, environmental factors, diet, climate factors, low immunity, metabolic disorders and so on are also to be associated with the pathogenesis of psoriasis.

In addition, to be frankly,Psoriasis patients in fact can be pregnant, psoriasis patients should not worry too much about the genetic to their young generation, it is very important for them to heal their psoriasis firstly , and also choose the best period of pregnancy can be a greatly prevent the occurrence of psoriasis.

However,when it comes to the pregnancy , the psoriasis experts has pointed out that psoriasis do not have a direct impact of patients reproductive capacity , it will not cause abnormal sperm, premature birth, abortion, premature delivery, fetal death and congenital malformation.

There are some valuable tips need to remind the patients , that is psoriasis patients who have used a variety of psoriasis drugs for treatment, its very bad for their body and their baby, so the female should be avoided after using these kind of drugs, pregnancy should be avoided, if they use these drugs after pregnant, it should be terminated.

To sum up, psoriasis woman don not need to worry about pregnancy, psoriasis is not contagious, there is no infectious. So psoriasis patients can also have a healthy baby.


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