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Can Vitiligo Patients Eat Beef

Can Vitiligo Patients Eat BeefThere are many diet taboos for vitiligo patients , here is the most concerned question between vitiligo patients, that is “can vitiligo patients eat beef”. Patients are quite confused about their daily diet. Now the vitiligo expert has given us a clearly answer about it, that is vitiligo patients can eat beef. Beef contains rich protein, it contains more amino acid which human body needs, it can also improve the body's resistance to disease. It is particularly suitable for those body growth after operations and supplement the blood loss, when patients eat beef in winter, it can warm stomach, and its good for body health. TCM believees that beef can nourish the spleen and stomach, strong bones and muscles, salivary function. Meanwhile,beef does not contain much vitamin C, it contains rich in tyrosine, which can promote the formation of melanin, it is good for vitiligo treatment , vitiligo.

The synthesis of the melanin is inseparable from ammino acid and ammonia acid enzyme, if one of them lose, it can not synthesis the melanin, skin will get change. Meanwhile , ammino acid is mainly coming from food, digestion and absorption, and then in the body to synthesize the ammonia acid enzyme, its activity is linked with some metal elements such as copper, zinc, iron and so on. When the body is lacking of these elements, it can decrease the activity of the enzyme, and affect the metabolism of melanin. In addition , In order to cooperate with the vitiligo treatment, and improve the curative effect, patients should eat more food which contains rich in complex amino acids and minerals, such as beef, etc . So vitiligo patients can eat more beef!


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