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The Reason Why Does Eczema Always Has Recurrent Attacks

The Reason Why Does Eczema Always Has Recurrent AttacksOnce patients have the skin disease, they must pay attention to it, if you do not treat it in time , it will lead exacerbations, and may also recurrence after some days.

However, during the treatment , patients may underestimate or ignore the sever of the disease condition, and also only apply some topical medications on the surface treatment when the disease gets worse. these creams and drugs can only temporary alleviate the disease condition and no permanent cure.

No any active treatment during the eczema treatment, and sometimes even interrupted treatment, stop intaking the medicine without the guidance of the doctor.

In addition, in patients daily life, there is no enough prevention for skin disease as a predisposing factor , such as bacterial factors, with bad local skin health , so bacteria can breed easily, and hypersensitivity and chemicals substances which has been touched by the patients; Meanwhile ,the environmental factors, under living a cold and damp environment, it can easily trigger the eczema; and aslo intrinsic factor, and with a complex affect of gastrointestinal can make the condition worse.

Food and emotional factors: such as binge drinking, daily drink, eat spicy food, or seafood, etc., Meanwhile, intense mental stress , lack of sleep, overthinking can also cause eczema recurrence.


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