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Can Vitiligo Patients Stay Up

Can Vitiligo Patients Stay UpThe most direct damage which stay up to vitiligo patients is the skin lesions. When patients is stay up at night, the skin pores would expand, some harmful substances from outside will absorb into the skin ,which directly resulting in the dry skin, poor flexibility, and lack of luster and some other symptoms, and often stay up will cause the imbalance of hormone levels, induced acne, acne, Malacosoma classes, dark spots and other problems and other skin conditions,may also cause the leak dermatitis.

In addition,Long stay up late may also impact on the endocrine system,cause the endocrine disorders. endocrine factors is one of the causes of the vitiligo . So, the long-term stay up can cause the body can not get a timely and regular rest and operation, will have a destructive effect to the endocrine system. Meanwhile, it can also reduce the body's immune ability , some susceptible factors can easily invade to the body, and resulting in various diseases. And when patients is staying up at night, they prefer to make themself awake with smoking or drinking coffee.
however, smoking or drinking coffee have a negative effect to vitiligo patients, so vitiligo patients should try to reduce to stay up .


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