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Can Exercises Worsen The Vitiligo Condition

Can Exercises Worsen The Vitiligo ConditionOnce people had vitiligo, they are much confused whether they should do some exercises, is there ant taboos about exercise after having the vitiligo. Will exercise affect the treatment effect。

First of all, we should know that the exercise have some certain affect to vitiligo . Secondly, it truly depends on the specific exercise items.

However, If the exercise is outdoor sports, patients should pay particular attention on it, after a long time exposure under the sun light, the UV can easily cause skin inflammation, especially some exposed parts like head or face, easily cause melanocytes damage, lose its ability of producing melanin. Patients should not do excessive exercise outdoors, they should try to reduce exposure time between skin and sun light . Meabwhile, the skin still should not be exposed even if the white patches cured, but it is suggest to do some certain protective measures, patients should often wear long sleeve cloth, they should wear sunscreen when they go out, it can protect them.

In addition, if the patient is belong to student group, parents should tell their children, before having outdoor sports class, they should follow the teacher's instructions, try their best to reduce skin damage. Here are some valuable tips

1, to prevent trauma

Patients should be careful from skin trauma, trauma can make the wound skin turns white, it may caused due to local trauma at the nerve fibers, or the body is in a high stress occasion, the body's neuroendocrine system dysfunction, or reduce the synthesis of melanin metabolism.

2, try not to do intense exercise

Vitiligo patients can probably do some simple exercise, such as walking, yoga, jogging and other sports. These sports are not too intensive to stimulate the body, it can help vitiligo patients strengthen their body, and make them relax, improve immunity, etc..


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