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Is Psoriasis Condition Related With Weather

Is Psoriasis Condition Related With Weather,Psoriasis The disease has the repeated episode feature, weather can a aspect of the cause. For the dry ,wet and clod environment is the trigger of the disease. So the winter has the clod, wet and dry weather, the condition of the psoriasis can worsen, once the weather turn warm and the temperature is relative high, the condition can be improved by itself.

So the psoriasis should pay attention to your condition, the disease can be worsen by the winter weather, while the summer turn better. The north place patients psoriasis attack rate is relative high than the south area, so it show the feature of weather.

The cause is the winter and north place’s temperature is relative lower than the other. The wither an north place sunlight is also less than the summer and south place. The temperature and sunlight belong to the weather factors, which can trigger as well as worsen the patients condition.

So in winter, the patients should do the proper sports to increase the patient’s immune system to fight the psoriasis. And the other hand, you should also take a healthy diets, take less oily foods and more vegetables and fruits.

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