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How Is The Effect Of SOD Blood 6+1 Removing Leucoderma Therapy On Adolescents

Effects of SOD Blood 6+1 Removing Leucoderma Technology Therapy on Adolescents, Leucoderma The effects of SOD Blood 6+1 Removing Leucoderma Technology Therapy on adolescents are obvious, from the root of disease to treat it, it shorten the treatments time and prevent the recurrence of leucoderma compared with the used leucoderma therapy.

Adolescents can appear the following conditions through a course of treatments.
(1) the white patches won’t spread any more.
(2) the obscure border of white patches turn clear.
(3) the border of white patches occur the condition of color turn deep.
(4)the middle of whit patches grow folliculus pili black spots.
(5) the color of white patches become red and obscure, and shrink gradually.
This time is proper stage to treat leucoderma.

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