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Why the Traditional Therapy Can’t Cure the Psoriasis for Long Time and with Repeated Episodes

The used therapy can’t cure the disease from the disease root---blood SOD. The effect is slow even without any effect. Beijing Meidi Leucoderma hospital’s experts who won national special allowance, found the disease cause is the function loss or lack of blood SOD ( superoxide dismutase). Then the anion free radicals can’t be removed with some results, such as immune system disorder, tyrosinase’s activity decreases, melanin cells antibodies increases, trance elements loss such as copper and zinc ion, leukoderma susceptibility cells occur suddenly, melanin cells’ apoptosis, and the obstruction of melanin secretion. That is the reason why the traditional therapy can’t cure for long time and repeat occur. So the disease should be cured from the root of blood SOD, we can resolve the difficulty and get recovery.

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