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How It Can Be Determined That A Patient Has Which Kind Of Vitilgo

As we all know a fact that an experienced doctor can easily tell the patient whetherthey had the symptoms like: red, yellow or white patches after examining patient’s body and pulse. In additional,The patient can identify the type of vitilgo by himself as well. Air related patches are not completely white even if they have slight reddish type, but red color can also appear in the skin due to heat of Sun or intake of medicines. A affected patient is somehow physically weaker than others. So this type of persons like saltish food more. In addition,Bile generated white patches have a slight yello taint. A bilious person has medium height and body structure. Such persons are more likely to some sweet taste, cold drinks, fruit juices, sweet fruits and ect.Patients are not suggested to do any physical or laborious work. They run into extreme rage quickly, but they also get calm down in a short time.

Meanwhile, the Phlegin generated white patches are milky white. Body of phlegin dominated persons is strong. Their heart is also strong. They prefer to take highly spicy, condiments and urgent food items.


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