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Bath Attentions For Patients With Vitiligo On Legs

I have vitiligo on legs not a very long time, but I feel that my vitiligo expand very fast. Other people said the skin with vitiligo is quite easy damaged. So I want to ask about the bath attentions for vitiligo on legs? How to avoid the vitiligo spread?

The experts from Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital indicates to avoid the vitiligo on legs damaged, the patients should pay attention to these points in the following parts when they take a bath.

1. First they should choose bath other than the shower. As we all know, the copper and other mineral substances are the important agon for tyrosinase. It is very helpful for the vitiligo recovery. So vitiligo patients can often take mineral bath.

2. Avoid use too much strength to rub the vitiligo areas in case have external injuries to cause isomorphic reactions. Choose the soft pure cotton bath towel to take a bath.

3. Avoid take a bath for too long time. Control the time between 15 to 28 minutes is better.

4. The best water temperature for patients with vitiligo on legs is 40℃, this temperature can promote the blood circulation.

Vitiligo is a stubborn skin disease, it is quite difficult to treat. So in the early stage of vitiligo, the patients should receive scientific treatment to handle their vitiligo. If you have any question about the bath attentions for vitiligo on legs, you can mail to


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