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Does Vitiligo Can Damage The Eyes

I have vitiligo for 5 years, in recently two years, my vitiligo spread to my eyes, I’m very afraid, I don’t know whether my vitiligo will damage my eyes.

The pigment cells of the eyes mainly exist in the choroid and other places which located between the epidermis and sclera. If the epidermis of the pigment damaged or destroyed, the retina in the shape of tigroid. In the retina abnormal condition of vitiligo patients, most of it present as the symptoms of focal pigment increase, about 14% in retina. The normal people only in the occasional case is in that condition. There are statistic indicates that there are almost half of the vitiligo patients have the symptoms of choroid, retinal inflammation or ocular atrophy symptoms. Although vitiligo can cause the pigment loss and eye disease, but generally speaking, it can not damage their eyesight. Because the damage of vitiligo to the eyes often limited to the place around the eyes not close to the corneal.


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