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How to Prevent Vitiligo Repeated Again After Cure

I have vitiligo about three years on my face, legs and hands, the color of my vitiligo is cloud white, after systemic treatment in a specialist vitiligo hospital, my vitiligo restore the color, I’m very happy but I’m afraid it repeated again, how to prevent the vitiligo repeated again after cure?

To prevent the repeated of vitiligo, first you need to keep good mind state, strengthen self cultivation. They also should keep optimistic emotion in their life and word. Second enhance physical exercise, enhance immune function. They also need to wear loose cotton cloths. They also need to correct their negative diet habits such foods bias definitely will cause their nutrition proportion disorder. A balanced diet is very important for the preventive and treatment of vitiligo. Finally they should take some measures to prevent some harmful factors to their body. Avoid under the blazing sun for quite long time. Avoid eating spicy, acidic and stimulating foods, prevent all kinds of injuries. The last but not least is the consolidation treatment for those cured vitiligo patients is also very important. If you have any quesiton about how to prevent the repeat of vitiligo after cure, welcome mail to


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