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How to Decrease Recurrence Rate of Vitiligo

My friend have vitiligo for about five years, with several white patches on his hands and face, his vitiligo cured two years ago but now it start to reappear again, he is very worry about that thing, I want to know how to decrease the recurrence rate of vitiligo?

Many patients consult about this question. Vitiligo although is hard to treat but with the development of science and technology, we already have the method to overcome it. Vitiligo is a curable disease. So let’s the experts in Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital explain it to us clearly. There are some vitiligo patients their vitiligo reappeared after their vitiligo cured. This crux always perplex them. If patients in their daily life do not pay special attention to the heal care, their vitiligo also might reappear. Most caused by lack of self adjustment and prevention. If the vitiligo patients with poor immunity also have obvious recurrent tendency. After the finish the treatment, vitiligo patients had better pay special attention to their habits in daily life, they had better take the consolidation treatment, it can avoid the recurrent of vitiligo. Vitiligo patients should pay special attention to their daily life habits and take consolidation treatment even after their vitiligo cured, only in this way, can their vitiligo recurrent rate decreased largely. If you have any other question about vitiligo, welcome mail to


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