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Does Chinese Medicine Can Treat Vitiligo

I have vitiligo for about five years, it started on my hands, now spread to my face and legs, I have taken many medicines and treatments in last three years but can not achieve very good treatment effects, I heard other vitiligo patients use the traditional Chinese medicine, I also want to have a try, did you know the whether the Chinese medicine can treat vitiligo? What about the treatment effects of Chinese medicine?

Chinese medicine treat vitiligo have no side effects to vitiligo patients. The Chinese medicine adopt pure herbal medicine, the patients take it after it well decocted. The Chinese medicine can regulate the patient’s body function. Chinese medicine can promote the blood circulation to regulate the patient’s body function and finally can treat vitiligo. The treatment effects of Chinese medicine to treat vitiligo is very obvious, it can effectively decrease the vitiligo recurrent rate. You also can combine Chinese medicine with other treatments such as western medicine, medical instrument treatment and so on.


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