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How to Stop Vitiligo on Hands Spreading

I have a friend have vitiligo on his hands for about 5 years, his vitiligo now started to spread to his face, I want to know how to stop it spreading?

How are you, the most obvious feature of vitiligo is it is easy to spread, the vitiligo patients in the development stage need go to a specialist vitiligo hospital to see the doctor. They can take some measures to stop it spread such as take some medicines, do some treatments. Besides there are foods can help to control the spreading of vitiligo such as foods with black and purple color such as black fungus, kelp, sea cucumber, celery, eggplant, walnut, turtle, leek, black rice and so on. The foods rich in tyrosine and mineral substances also good for vitiligo patients such as meats, eggs, raisins, bean products, milk, black sesame, animal livers, vegetables, yogurt, peas, clams, eggplants, duck eggs, winter bamboo shoots, walnut, kelp, radish, soybean, peanut, quail egg, mung beans and other shellfishes. They also can eat more foods rich in copper.


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