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Does Vitiligo is a Incurable Disease

does vitiligo is an incurable diseaseQuestion: I’m a female, 39 years old, I have vitiligo on my legs two years ago and it began to expand in recently, I want to known does vitiligo is a incurable disease?

Answer: the vitiligo is an curable disease, you can relaxed, if the vitiligo patients go to see the doctor timely, cooperate with their doctor during the treatment process, most of the vitiligo patients will recovered finally. Although there are many medicines and treatments for vitiligo in the market, but from the clinical experience, we found combine the traditional Chinese medicines with western medicines to treat vitiligo will achieve the best treatment effects, such as UM-D is a multidimensional systemic vitiligo treatments you can have a try. There are many things vitiligo patients needs pay attention to in their daily life such as eat more black and purple color foods, eat less stimulating foods, they need especially avoid eating too much foods rich in vitamin C, the experts in Beijing CASU TCM Vitiligo Hospital wishing all the vitiligo patients have a speedy recovery.


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